At work


We build apps that make your work more efficient. We ignore the dominating rules, like meetings with a chairman and a secretary. This is what we call Smart Work.


In the neighborhood


We build software for municipalities. With the help of our products, municipalities can better match their services to the needs of citizens. This is how we build Smart Cities.


On the go


We want to make the world a better place. Therefore, our products help improve your driving skills and to reduce your ecological footprint. This is the real definition of Smart Mobility.

Our products

Work digital with JOIN

Whether you work for the government or at a company: Decos is the solution for working digital so that you can cooperate on a more efficient level with your colleagues. JOIN is the leader within the business of case systems and document management. Moreover, JOIN offers a client contact system and many solutions for e-services.

Website of JOIN

Cartracker: fleet management

Cartracker gives you a direct insight in the cars of your company. The GPS Tracker helps you to reduce the emission and gives you information about the travel time with the result that you can increase the efficiency of your people. Cartracker also provides mileage and live track & trace.

Website of Cartracker

Smart meetings with Minute

Minute offers a new way of meeting: digital and online. In the app or web application you can compose your own agenda, you can add documents, make notes and appointments. Thus, Minute makes meetings more efficient, without hierarchy but with shared responsibility instead.

Website of Minute

Hospitality robots

With a small team of roboteers, we build Decos-robots. We believe that robots are valuable to companies because they can support us. For instance, Pepper and Eco, our own robots, welcome you when you visit our office.

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Improve your neighborhood with Fixi

A broken pavement, fallen branches or a defect in the sewer. Sometimes you bother about these things, but have you ever reported them at the municipality? With help from the app Fixi, you can easily improve your neighborhood. Moreover, Fixi helps the municipality to involve citizens in the policy making process.

Website of Fixi

Improve your driving skills with Flo

Flo is the application that provides you with a real-time insight in your driving behavior. While driving, Flo sends you messages about your skills. When you have finished your ride, Flo gives you a grade. With help from Flo, you receive an objective insight in your driving skills and how you can improve yourself.

Website of Flo

IFS Plus

IFS India has collaborated with Decos Asia to create IFS Plus. With this solution, IFS Customers have the enterprise content management system JOIN fully integrated in their IFS suite.

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